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Maya Lotus is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She was twenty years old when she wrote “Beautiful Disaster.” All of her writing is about her real-life experiences. A self-taught philosopher, she proudly considers herself a professional. She immensely enjoys driving, loves dancing, is nocturnal, and wears strictly sweatpants. She enjoys making plans of saving the world and has full confidence that she will succeed in doing so. She is captivated by the idea of being seen and she loves to make people feel seen. Maya wants you to know that by taking the time to read her writing you are fulfilling her wildest dreams. For that she is beyond grateful.


Beautiful Disaster

"Beautiful Disaster" is a young woman's recollection of some of the most powerful experiences ever known to be documented in writing, with the addition of a mesmerizing writing style that is entirely unique to this individual. Maya Lotus has captured in poetry her experience of various hardships including substance use and falling in love. Additionally, she shares her views on and ideas about many other topics. In contrast to detailing the painful side of her experiences, she is also inclusive of a perspective of optimism and enjoyment regarding those same occurrences. A large amount of the book is written in a way that conveys inspiration and empowerment which will leave readers feeling uplifted and encouraged. Perhaps most importantly out of all, she offers readers a warning of danger she encountered herself when experimenting with substance use. She hopes that by sharing her story she can stop others from making the same mistakes she did and ultimately save lives. "Beautiful Disaster" is a collection of seventy-eight poems. Maya Lotus's definition of achieving your life's purpose is to create a full circle expression of the essence of your soul, an intricate explanation of every part of who you are through an artform. This is what she believes she has achieved through the making of this book. She hopes you enjoy exploring her life's work, the museum of her entire life experience.