AUTHOR: Meghan Q. Garcia

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Meghan developed her love of literature while being raised by her grandmother in Small Town, Texas. Sent there at five years old due to her mother’s illness and her father’s incarceration, she dealt with a multitude of negative emotions she did not know how to express. Her favorite escape was a large book of children’s poetry gifted to her by her aunt. She read that book so often that the pages were worn and she had most of the poems memorized. The words in that book helped her escape dark places, even as an adult when she found comfort in reading them to her children. This made her realize that she could use her past to create stories of her own to comfort any heart in need. Meghan has a BS in psychology and has spent her postgraduate years working with nonprofits serving underprivileged populations.


Love, Luna

Love, Luna is a vibrant and serene visualization of la luna's letter to a lonely heart; it is meant to bring comfort to all readers.