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Michelle C. Albrecht has lived in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband of thirty-five years and her family. She is an alumnus of the University of Texas at San Antonio with a bachelor’s degree in bilingual education and early childhood elementary. Michelle served elementary children in the San Antonio area for three decades. From the start, Michelle was an innovator. If she could not connect with lessons, neither could her students. From Title 1 to affluent schools, Michelle loved, inspired, and instructed with enthusiasm and caused children to realize that any goal is attainable. Each class of students came with a new set of variables, and old lessons could not address the children’s learning needs. Michelle wrote several units over the years and presented them at national conferences. Michelle is retired and enjoys caring for her new granddaughter. She continues to journal, be thankful for God’s blessings, and note her granddaughter’s developments.


Spoken For

Long before birth, Michelle’s life had a purpose and a plan. Wisdom, encouragement, and healing were in place along the way. Each voice was as important as the one before, and it led to a new destination. The journey ahead was frightful, confusing, overwhelming, and exhilarating! The adventures were purposeful and crucial to moving further along the chosen path. What was most surprising was realizing how her voice affected others’ paths. Spoken For is a passage from hardship to healing, ordained by God to restore and reroute the direction of the wounded.