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Miguel is a 9 year old who loves school and learning new things. Miguel loves reading and writing. Miguel also loves video games and playing sports and basketball is his favorite. Most of all Miguel loves to have fun!


Friendly Officers

Miguel is a 10 year old author/filmmaker of the book and short film available on YouTube "The Adventures Of FireMan" and his newest book "The Adventures Of FireMan & The Case of The Stinger". He is a Principal's Honor Roll student who continues to enjoy school, reading, writing, sports, politics and learning new things. Miguel wants all children to know that all police officers are not bad and they do support their communities.

The Adventures of FireMan and The Case of The Stinger

"The Adventures Of FireMan and The Case Of The Stinger" is about Kris Schmoove and his best friend Rico G. who came out of retirement to defeat a new arch nemesis called "The Stinger".

The Adventures of FireMan

The Adventures of FireMan is about a boy named Kris Schmoove from planet Krypton, who discovered he had super powers when he was 9 years old. His best friend Rico G. had super powers also. They decided to use their super powers to fight crime and take down their arch enemy "The Destroyer."