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Award-Winning Author

During years of teaching elementary students, Molly Nero desired to reach children beyond her classroom. Once her writing debut, “Smarty Pig”, became an award-winning book, it launched her vision to write stories that acknowledge and support kids. Today, a series of kid-friendly books are in development encouraging emergent readers with personalized stories. Kids can read about themselves going on adventures, problem-solving and being their best when sometimes faced with distractions and integrity challenges. Florida life keeps Molly’s feet in the sand while her imagination dances on the waves!


Smarty Pig and the Test Taking Terror

Petey Pig isn't happy. He has a test tomorrow in school and doesn't know what he will do. No matter how well he does his work, when he takes a test, he falls apart. Even his dream turns into a nightmare about it. Smarty Pig shows Petey two ways to feel better when he is about to take a test. One way calms him down and the other makes him smile. Together, they finally help Petey do his best on a test.

Smarty Pig

The school year has started but the pigs have given up on school and aren't doing their homework. All but one, that is. Smarty Pig is working hard. Although she gets teased, her report card shows her hard work, while the others fail. They reach out to her, and she becomes their tutor. By creating games in their home that practice skills, Smarty Pig shows them that they can learn, and it's really fun after all. She helps them understand that learning is not just for school, it's for life. Smarty Pig helps again in Smarty Pig and the Test Taking Terror when the fear of taking a test shuts down Petey Pig. Available in Spring 2012.

Santa Sees

Every day, kids have choices to make. Sometimes easy. Sometimes challenging. This book recognizes when a child chooses to be good, respectful, inclusive, and empathic. Santa Sees validates children's positive choices, is illustrated as gender neutral and race inclusive encompassing all families, and acknowledges that every kid has the power to choose their behavior. Through Santa's eyes, children can see how their choices make a 'nice or naughty' difference. Told from a compassionate view of how difficult it can be to stay calm when overwhelmed or walk away from bullying, Santa Sees is intended to reinforce good choices and to recognize, inspire and encourage positive ongoing behavior.