AUTHOR: Monét Lynne Clark

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Monét Lynne Clark is a licensed professional counselor (LPC). Her experience in the mental health field spans over 15 years, having worked with school-aged children, teenagers, and families. Through her own struggle with low self-esteem, beginning in early childhood, she recognizes that self-confidence can be developed at any age but is especially important for young children. Her desire in life is to help others bloom and let themselves shine!


Daniel the Warrior

"Daniel the Warrior" is a story about loving yourself and understanding that it is okay to be different. Daniel's speech is different than how other kids speak. When Daniel is nervous, he sometimes stutters. Daniel learns to be a WARRIOR when some kids in his class don't like or accept him. This story explores Daniel's journey with his invisible shield and helmet, remembering his mother's words: He is a WARRIOR!