AUTHOR: Nancy L. Farrow

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The author published a book in March of 2009 called “LUCAS AND LEROY”. She is married and very thankful for her family. Her passion for writing is demonstrated by the way she engages children in a fun way. She hopes to encourage children to have a lifetime of enjoyment through reading.


The Unicorns From Capricorn

"The Unicorns From Capricorn" was written to tickle your funny bone and capture your imagination. Hope you will enjoy reading about how they go about capturing a planet-wandering Unicorn by the name of Thunder!


"MAGNOLIA" is an adorable little skunk. She is a real southern belle who always wears a pink bow. Children will enjoy her adventures and the characters she meets along the way. Her unique smell keeps getting in the way of her making friends. One day she is caught out in a snowstorm and what happens next will surprise and delight you!