AUTHOR: Nancy Lind Corradini

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Prior to becoming an author, Nancy Lind Corradini worked as a librarian and shopkeeper. She retired early so she could play soccer and read to her grandchildren from her vast collection of picture books. Seeking a new experience, Nancy decided to transition her husband’s racehorse to a pet. What followed was the heartfelt journey of acceptance, friendship and fun shared in this story.


The Horse Who Loves Hats

A quirky racehorse named Stardust, who never wins a race, stumbles upon a second chance in life as a therapy horse. The horse's equal acceptance of all people sets the example for them to follow. Two children working with Stardust, one on the autism spectrum and one not, become friends even though they see the world differently. The story is heartfelt but the hat loving horse and whimsical illustrations make the message fun.