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Neetu is the recipient of the NAWBO California and ‘National Top 10’ Business Woman of the Year. Alongside her family, Neetu is co-owner of Countryside Corporation, a construction and retail development company that owns and operates multi-national brands. Neetu is the Founder of Rehna Raiya, an empowerment clothing line for women and girls. The empowerment and advancement of youth is Neetu’s motivation to make a positive imprint every day. Rehna Raiya donates a portion of all proceeds to causes advancing girls’ education. Close to Neetu’s heart is her decade of board service on various education-centered non-profits. When she is not working or writing, Neetu loves to explore the outdoors with her family, especially her daughters Rehna and Raiya, whom she considers her greatest accomplishment.


I Shine as Bright as a Firefly

Growing up as a young Punjabi girl, I did not know where I stood in this world. Just like adults, children have their own insecurities and have to learn to overcome issues with self-confidence and self-esteem. I wrote this book to give children the courage to embrace themselves exactly as they are and just as they were created—birthmarks, moles, and all. This book is to help your child push past any limitations they face within themselves right now, rather than waiting until adulthood, when most of us come to the realization that we, at birth, had everything within us that we needed to take on any activity, sport, or passion.