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Pam McLagan has been teaching something-or-other since she was fourteen and has coordinated children’s classes, supervised Vacation Bible Schools, and taught just about every age group in the congregations she has been part of. Professionally, she taught English for ten years in public and private junior high and high schools, and has been adjunct faculty in the English department of her community college for fifteen years. Pam and her husband, Bill, have lived in Oregon, California, Indonesia, and Connecticut. They currently make their home in Albany, Oregon.


Blueprint Bible Lessons for Kids

BluePrint Bible Lessons for Kids can help. This blueprint is for parents, teachers, Bible club coordinators, and pre-school directors who want a framework for their own creativity. Lessons are grouped in three-month sections and center on a biblical theme. Each session focuses on a Bible passage and includes a memory section which links to several stories. Instruction can be tailored to different age groups or specific children in the group. Children learn in different ways. BluePrint Bible Lessons for Kids provides resources to facilitate understanding for visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile learners and offers creative ways to make your home or classroom a fun place where knowledge abounds. Choose from the abundance of ideas found in BluePrint Bible Lessons for Kids.

BluePrint Bible Lessons for Kids (Volume 2)

BluePrint Bible Lessons for Kids (volume 2) can help. This book provides a blueprint for teachers, parents, pre-school directors, and Bible club coordinators who want a framework for their own creativity. This volume's lessons link Old and New Testaments to help children develop a perspective for their emerging faith. The missions section shows various ways that people come to faith. And the Children of the Bible units teach kids that "even a child is known by his doings."