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Paola Barranco has been an environmentalist since 2014 when, along with her husband Miguel, she founded Zamá in Mexico City with the aim of helping people achieve a more harmonious life that respects ecosystems. She has taught composting courses to more than twenty thousand people and has led various projects to utilize “trash” as inputs. Paola has been a member of the Compost for Life team in Miami since 2022.

Francisco Torres is an enthusiastic environmentalist, devoted animal lover, and the visionary behind Compost for Life. Since childhood, Francisco has felt a special connection and responsibility to our planet, which drove him to take action and create change. As a community organization, Compost for Life has been able to prevent the waste of over two million pounds of food in just two years, using these to regenerate the soils of our planet. Francisco’s dog Juanito inspired this book. He was rescued in the city of Miami during the pandemic and has been the compost inspector from the first day at Compost for Life.


Juanito´s Adventures

Juanito is a dog who lives in Miami and turns "trash" into fertile soil. His friends are typical animals from South Florida that are now worried about the environment because of some things they are seeing. Join Juanito as he inspires his friends to care for the planet. In this book children will have fun while learning how composting can make a difference and help build a better future for everyone!

Paola and Francisco hope to give parents and caretakers a chance to make a difference, by teaching their children how to build a world where a significant portion of waste can be utilized for good.