AUTHOR: Patricia A. Jeter

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Patricia A. Jeter is passionate about the art of poetry. In the eighth grade, her artwork was recognized by the Urban League Organization, where she entered a competition and won second place. She enjoys art and noticed she had a knack for writing poetry. Pat enjoys blessing others with portraits of her poems and has sold her work in local pop-up shops. In her spare time, she enjoys her ballet class, writing, and creating other works of art to offer words and expressions of encouragement. Pat is a mother of two daughters and is a proud grandmother. Pat and her family reside in Cleveland, Ohio.


Heavenly Expressions: A collection of inspiring poetry from the heart

Her heart was broken, she lived in despair, she did not know who she was, yet an image she was to bear. She wandered around full of mistakes until God came along and showed her that she has a place. Travel through these pages to find God-given pieces from the heart of how the author found love, acceptance, forgiveness, and peace. God has shown her who she is and who she is still becoming.