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Paulette Jackson, Founder/CEO of SCORP Radio Network and Jazz Zone Radio, host of “The Classic Soul Music Café”, “The Jazz Zone” and Center Stage” Internet Radio Shows, Voiceover Artist (My company, Ms. Music’s Voice).

Published author of “The Music In Me” and newest release, “The Music Through the Storm” and working on book #3 due for release in 2021.

Both my current published books have been accepted for consideration, the 2020 Author Academy Awards (slated for October 2020)

Recently, started working with several artists on promotions and show bookings. Also, creating several video series and other creative projects.

I have recently been selected to receive the 2nd Annual Aretha Franklin Lifetime Achievement Award (Mary Wilson of the world famous Supremes was the first to receive this honor in 2019) at the 2020 National Rhythm & Blues Induction Ceremony (10th year anniversary) in Detroit, MI later this year (2020 – 21)

I attended and graduated from the Cleveland School of the Arts as a Dance and Vocal Music Major, 1983-1987 and attended Master Voiceover Classes at Such A Voice, based in Burlington, VT. My love has always been music and entertainment and worked in many areas of the business.

I have two adult daughters, Paris 31 and Brooke 30 also have a love of music and dance.


The Music Through the Storm

Through our many lives, we experience many things – some good and some bad. At the end of the day we must find what brings us joy and focus on the positive that life has to offer. Part of that is accepting each other’s differences and learning to embrace those differences.

Find out what our individual “song” in life is and know that, even with our differences, be it color, creed or religion, we all have to live in this world together, so why not come together as human beings through our “songs” of life?

The Music in Me

Second Edition Paulette C. Jackson "The Music in Me" is about the author’s passion for music and the arts as a whole. The book serves as an inspiration to anyone pursuing a's NEVER too late!

My Test(Imony)

I haven’t always been spiritual or a religious-type person. To be honest, I didn’t believe in God or any higher power for a very long time. My family always went to church, especially my aunts and my grandmother (my mother’s side), and they would take us with them from time to time. Life has a way of showing you things, letting you experience stuff that makes you question people and learn whether there really is a higher being that is supposed to care and watch over us, guide us.

I’ve been through so much, bad and good. The bad, at times, was really bad, but somehow I made it through, though I really didn’t understand how. Knowing what I know now, I understand it was all through the grace and mercy of God. I was being put through tests and didn’t even realize it. Those tests and lessons have brought me here so I can share my story with you. Hopefully, my story will inspire you. What has been your Test(Imony)?