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Peggy Palmer has lived most of her life in Ohio and cherishes all the seasons. Her most treasured role is mom to her adult children, who are good people and provide her with boundless inspiration. She feels fortunate to be living an epic love story. After her early teaching career, she’s served over 25 years as a successful non-profit executive including a 2016 award for innovation. Education accomplishments include a BA, BS, MSM, & PHR.


Gather the Good

As an optimistic realist, a positive outlook has been my perspective of choice since I can remember. My desire is to help children have access to stories that validate their ability to shape their thoughts, have hope and live a good hearted life. Creating a legacy of kindness, thoughtfulness and goodness is something within reach if we take the time to gather the good.

Treasure of the Heart

My desire is to create a space where children can appreciate, celebrate, learn to be inclusive, and realize we all have treasures in our hearts. Teaching our children this perspective is vital.
Helping others feel loved and cared for is our gift to the world.