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Rhonda Manyak was inspired to write this story when she experienced the loss of her youngest child who left behind a grieving toddler. Manyak has lived in Venice, Florida, for thirty two years where she and her husband Mike have raised three children. Now raising their two and half year old granddaughter, helping her to cope with the loss of her mother. Manyak knows first hand that the emptiness left behind due to a death of a loved one can be just as devastating to a young child as it is for an adult.

Manyak has other books in the works and hopes that they will help ease the pain and loss, bringing peace and comfort to your little one.


If Only I Could Fly

"If Only I Could Fly" is a story of a child's journey to cope with the absence and death of a loved one and his perspective on how he would get to heaven to bring his loved one back... if only he could fly!