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Rob Sorensen is a longtime bibliophile and collector of modern first edition books. He is passionate about a good story and the background required to achieve it. Having lived in Washington, Idaho, and Montana, Sorensen has a keen sense of place, and he appreciates nature’s beauty and the inspiration it provides. He has worked as a businessman, a newspaper journalist, and the director of Entrepreneurial Development at Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Washington. He is currently writing full time.


Arrow in Paradise

Writing Arrow in Paradise has been a labor of love. Composed while living on the banks of the Yaak River in a once-notorious bar called the Hell Roaring Saloon (which was converted to a home in 1998), the novel captures the essence of this remote valley as well as its unique collection of inhabitants— both humans and animals. Although the book is pure fiction, the wild country is real. . . and crafting the story within that context makes all the difference.