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Robee Berry, author of The Pink Divide, is a writer, adventurer, and activist. For decades, the story of Lake Myers lived rent-free in her head until the auspicious day when her poignant girl power took root in this book. Ms. Berry, mother to one amazing young adult, lives with her wife, two dogs, and one cantankerous cat in Florida. She is a firm believer that television has no place in the bedroom.


The Pink Divide

When you pick up a story that somehow feels universal yet oddly specific, you know you have a real treat in your hands.

A book that takes pages out of the diary you wish you wrote and makes it real and raw... it's a book that validates your story while giving you something to look forward to.

In dark times, picking up a bright light of a book that doesn't shy from the struggles of being queer and makes the journey equally full of sorrow and joy... it's the perfect read.