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Roberto Alfaro was born in New York City and raised in the South Bronx, where he lived for twenty-four years before moving to Connecticut to become a Hartford police officer in 1979. He retired in 2000 after twenty-one years of dedicated service in the patrol division, on the recruitment team, in the mounted unit, and on plainclothes details. In 2021, he also retired from Quinnipiac University as a public safety officer. Today, Roberto continues to enjoy his retirement by working as a professional model, actor, salsa dancer and instructor, motivational speaker, inventor, and writer! He currently resides in Hamden, Connecticut, with his beautiful wife and four children.


Fighting Through The Hurdles of My Life: A Memoir

Fighting Through The Hurdles of My Life captures Roberto Alfaro's inspiring story of survival, heartbreak, redemption, and ultimately beating the odds in a way that no one expected. From growing up poor in one of the worst drug- and gang-infested neighborhoods of the South Bronx during the '60s and '70s to battling with bouts of bullying at school, domestic violence at home, and going from this extremely shy kid to a troubled young man who suddenly found himself going down the wrong path. Read how this amazing young man somehow managed to turn his life around, and ultimately went on to become an inspiration to so many by sharing his remarkable journey. His tenacity in pushing himself beyond the expectations of others makes him a true example of someone who never stopped believing in himself and his personal mantra: No dream is too big to dream!

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El momento que cambió mi historia

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