AUTHOR: Roger Dale Watson Jr.

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Roger is a husband and father of five. He has had a passion for writing his entire life. Roger wrote several poems that were published in the American Poetry Anthology as a young teen while in school. The desire to write followed him up into adulthood as he wrote this book as well as a few others. Roger found he loved to entertain people through his writing.


Sniper: The Untold Story

"Sniper: The Untold Story" is a story about the bond between a father and daughter. The love that bonds them may prove to be the same love that kills them. Roger Dale Watson, Jr. wrote this story to show how dads make job-related sacrifices for their families. With this story, Roger shows how strong the love and bond between a dad and a daughter can be.

Love Letters

LOVE LETTERS is a story of when love and confusion mix together, of how it can be both funny and drama-filled at the same time. A shy and hardworking young man is determined to save a small travel agency from having to close its doors because of poor bookkeeping. While doing so, he tries to gain the attention of his new boss, to whom he has a strong attraction. The young man even goes as far as to seek help from a love coach, to bring him out of his comfort zone and take him from being a shy and quiet guy to being an all-out brave romantic. In his attempts to do so, he causes much confusion amongst his new co-workers: Everyone in his office has read and re-written and participated in his love letter. Humor and confusion take over the confused co-workers as the love letter brings unexpected couples together.

Project H.A.L.T.: Humans & Aliens Living Together

Project H.A.L.T. is the story of that one question everyone wants to ask, but no one really wants to know the truth about: Are we alone? For as long as humans have looked into the night sky, we’ve hoped to catch a glimpse of whatever was out there. NASA has been trying to get the answer to that same question. In an attempt to know the truth, our hero ends upcovering up, then revealing, what he learns.

They Live Among Us

"They Live Among Us" is the story of twin brothers who try to keep the balance between their two lives. One is a werewolf and the other a half-breed—half-human, half-werewolf. The half-breed becomes sheriff of a small town after a battle between werewolves and humans. Together they try to maintain harmony and peace. After an uprising, the brothers are faced with a major decision.