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Rose D. Bentley was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but at an early age, she moved to the suburbs of the sunny city of Los Angeles. She developed a passion for writing when she was very young, creating short stories and writing poetry as a hobby. Currently she has multiple published books and is always working on her next project. She finds inspiration in motherhood, love, and cognitive exploration.


Just Knock Three Times

Penelope's life is full of darkness and heartache, but when she meets Myles, her world is filled with hope. With a spark of friendship, she finds herself growing closer and closer to him, until their bond is disrupted when Myles has an opportunity he can't turn down. With nothing left to lose, Penelope runs away to a new city and starts again. In her new life, she finds stability, but is thrown into a whirlwind of emotions when
she and Myles reunite. Torn between chasing love or staying in her stable environment, Penelope learns the truth of her mother's disappearance and tragedy strikes yet again.
As she is thrown into emotional chaos, she must make a decision that will change her life forever.