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Sabrina VanDine Smith is a first-time author, Gen Xer, and lover of sparkle. She was raised in Southern California, but calls Colorado home, where she lives with her husband and two children. She loves lake life, creative writing, geocaching, cooking, and amateur photography. She was either a gossip columnist or a private investigator in her former life. Though Sabrina’s long career as a salesperson was inspired by her dad, being a mom and wife feeds her soul.Sabrina lost both of her parents during the pandemic. Like many Gen Xers, she explored how to name her feelings much later in life. That journey inspired this story.


What Does "Fine" Feel Like?

In an age of social distancing and the isolation of the cyber age, we have learned to communicate in short acronyms and one-word responses. What emotions are masked by the word "fine"? How often does it turn out that "fine" really doesn't mean fine? This book offers a unique, innovative, and clever approach to emotional growth and the vocabulary that comes with it. More importantly, it fosters the confidence that comes with self-acceptance. No matter how we are feeling, good or bad, we are indeed fine. It's all right to acknowledge our emotions, ride them out, and move on, continuing to interact with those we love.