AUTHOR: Sally Labadie

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Growing up in a large family where all shared in outdoor exploring, Sally and her siblings were introduced to nature and its wonders by their father. Working with animals became a large part of her teaching. Using her background she taught “across the curriculum” long before it was brought to the forefront of education. She taught elementary students for 32 years, 16 of which was in a self-contained classroom of “Interested and Talented” students, and moved into administration, serving as a principal for 5 years before retiring to work in the Teacher Education Department of Michigan State University.


Tanner's Turtle

A little turtle finds himself lifted out of a rippling stream and put into a wading pool. Read about the adventures he has while waiting to be returned to his home.

Wooster the Rooster

Wooster, the Rooster is a story about a little rooster that lived with the author and her family. Wooster didn't know he was a chicken, and always wanted to be with people. Laugh at his real adventures and his almost true adventures.