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Zizi’s Bee Company started with a father and daughter’s dream that quickly became reality. Sam Yu became interested in bees a couple of years ago. He is sharing the journey with his daughter, Zuri Yu, better known as Zizi. Sam started a local bee company in Alabama. A percentage of Zizi’s Bee Company’s profits is donated to Help a Brother Out Foundation, which hosts food giveaways and focuses on turning vacant lots into homes for honeybee colonies and lush community gardens. Help a Brother Out Foundation focuses on poverty-stricken areas that lack financial resources. Through your tax-deductible contributions to our nonprofit, we can continue to educate and feed families as a community. To learn more about our nonprofit and products, check out our website at


Zizi’s Bee Adventure

This children’s book is from the perspective of Zizi, a six-year-old girl in Alabama. Zizi is extracting and harvesting honey with her father. She is also learning how to run a honey business by filling orders and expressing business ideas at a young age, all the while sharing important facts about honeybees and honey and encouraging children to be friendly towards honeybees and nature.