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Sandra K. Jones-Keller is a homeschool mom, Intuitive Pregnancy Coach and Spiritual Energy Healer, author and workshop presenter. She loves traveling with her family and working to make the world a better place. She lives in Southwest Florida with her husband and daughter. You can find out more about her at:


Tips & Trips of Parenting a New Age Kid

Tips & Trips of Parenting a New Age Kid is a family labor of love. Author Sandra K. Jones-Keller, along with her husband and daughter, share endearing and engaging stories about parenting, life, and the lessons they've learned over 15 years. As the title suggests, they've had many hits and misses. But, with the consistent and persistent use of their spiritual tools, they always find their way back to peace and harmony.

One of the things that makes Tips & Trips of Parenting a New Age Kid unique is that many of the essays have dialogue which gives an intimate perspective of their family's inner workings and dynamics. Experience firsthand how they work through issues that arise. Additionally, easy to use tools and techniques are shared that support their marriage and family, and foster a loving and supportive household.

"Tips & Trips of Parenting a New Age Kid isn't just for parents and caretakers", says Jones-Keller, "illustrations and photos accompany several essays and tell a visual story that makes it viable for young readers to follow." Her daughter's pictures age from zero to 15 years old-making it an experience for the whole family to read and enjoy!