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Sara Elizabeth Grossman is an alumna of the University of Central Florida’s undergraduate creative writing program and earned her MFA at the New School in New York. Her work has been published in the Florida Review, Narrative magazine, Blunderbuss, and the Battered Suitcase, among other esteemed literary outlets. She runs a communications consulting firm, which works with the LGBTQ+ community and their businesses, and is on the board of the Dru Project, a nonprofit advocating and providing curriculum for gay-straight alliances in high schools; it was founded after the loss of her best friend, Drew, at the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Sara is a dedicated advocate for LGBTQ+ youth and gun-violence prevention. She believes in the power of storytelling to bridge gaps, foster empathy, and ignite conversations that inspire positive change. Through her writing, she strives to illuminate the human spirit and the beauty found in vulnerability, resilience, and the shared human experience.

She (and her dog, Baxter) live in Denver, Colorado.


Schnauzer in a Sweater-Vest

Schnauzer in a Sweater-Vest is a story about Baxter, the dog, and his pack of different dog pals going to the Pride parade. Along the way, they learn how their differences make each dog special.