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Graphic artist Shavanté Royster enjoyed writing from a very young age. Born in Washington, D.C., she has lived all over the U.S. from Houston to New York City. She has also traveled around the world. Her travels and adventures inspired the stories she has written—including this book. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys art, music and being outdoors. Her favorite drink is pink lemonade.


The Day It Rained Pink Lemonade

"The Day It Rained Pink Lemonade" is a story about two best friends, Alto and Tok, who make an alarming discovery. Fluffy pink clouds are covering their home planet Jupiter, and it begins to rain pink lemonade. Tok is an adventurous spirit who embraces this change. Alto is more cautious and worried about what the mysterious rain means. Together they embark on a magical adventure and discover a new world.