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After encouraging her own children to follow their dreams, Sheri found herself an empty nester and resolved to take her own advice. She decided to write down some of her stories, and her first book, The Secret of the Brush, was born. Sheri is a native Texan and derives most of her inspiration from the adventures of her own family. She currently lives near San Antonio with her husband, three dogs, and a cat named Willie.


The Secret of the Brush

Pegasi have remained elusive for centuries, fueling numerous myths and legends. Many cultures around the world have associated them with gods and magical powers. Now their secret lives might be revealed. After living undisturbed in South Texas, hidden in the remote brush country, one has been discovered. The two children responsible for the discovery have become tasked to protect it. Emeralda and Marcus Ruiz find themselves in a new town, a new school, and a new culture. Why shouldn’t they find a new species as well? These kids know the right thing to do, but need help doing it. They learn the importance of asking questions and knowing whom to trust. Join their adventure of finding a new species, realizing its uniqueness, and fighting to preserve it. This is a story about evolution—not only the evolution of a species, but also the evolution of love, courage, and imagination.