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Sydnie Singleton is a caring, creative teen with a heart for helping people. Her dreams and aspirations are to inspire her peers to be positive. Sydnie’s personal goal is to become a lawyer, she also enjoys singing and baking like her favorite Thinkie Wink “Love”.

Shelbie Singleton is unique and fun loving. She has a bubbly personality similar to her favorite Thinkie Wink “Joy”. Her heart’s desire is to become a Pediatrician. Shelbie enjoys reading, dancing and wearing Tutus.

Sean Singleton is the youngest of the three siblings, he is energetic with a witty personality. Sean has a heart for helping his fellow classmates who have special needs. His favorite past times include golf, basketball and track. He has a special gift with making others laugh. He often describes himself as a “super-hero”.


Thinkie Winks on the Move

The Thinkie Winks introduce themselves and tell their individual stories in Thinkie Winks on the Move. Thinkie Winks goal is to encourage children to focus on their divine inner qualities, dream without boundaries, gain confidence and think about how they can positively impact the world.