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Sky Rivers is a seasoned prayer warrior who has held a pastoral license since December 2002. She was trained and mentored by Pastors Darrell and Marcia Todd of Word and Sound Ministry. She is part of the Minnesota Apostolic Prayer Network with Karen Krueger and Terri Nelson. This is part of the fifty-state prayer base for the United States, which was set in place by Prophet Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets. She is an established author with a lot of insight on many different topics, including personal growth within the body of Christ. Sky Rivers lives in Northern Minnesota. She has three adult sons and three grandchildren. She loves writing, photography, and gardening. She strives to make a difference in everything she does. Sky can be reached through her email:


Marriage: What It Is and Isn't

Marriage is God's institution. He created it, and He knows what it takes to make it work. Marriage is very important to God, and it's under attack now more than it has been at any other time in our history. Everywhere we turn, our Christian beliefs are being challenged and attacked from a cultural, worldly, humanistic viewpoint. And sadly, we have adopted some of those wrongful beliefs within our churches and our marriages. Now we look more like the world than like our Savior. Its time for us to turn back to God's original design so the Church can rise up into her destiny with power, grace, and humility. Remember, your marriage is only going to be as strong as your personal relationship with Christ. Everything starts there, and then it flows out into your relationship with your husband or wife. My hope is that this book will give you a fresh perspective on marriage and will hopefully give you some tools to combat the culture war. Read on and allow the Lord to speak to you in new ways as we all go on this journey together.