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My passion would best be described as a spiritual calling to reach women, throughout this world, who struggle with emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual pain. More specifically, I am committed to sharing my journey with God in order to reassure women that they, too, are victorious in Him.

God strategically uses my experiences for the sole purpose of rescuing women from dark places, in order to restore them to their rightful place in His kingdom. Once a woman, young or old, realizes her purpose in Him, her potential is limitless, and opportunities become more imminent.


You Are the Storm
A Journal of My Journey to You

Discover the journey of an imperfect woman who was asked to serve her perfect God through obedience. In this thirty-day journal of prayer, preparation, and planning, Stephanie gives an honest account of her reflections, thoughts, feelings, and innermost struggles. As she attempts to listen and obey God‘s command, readers will gain insight into how to do the same in their own lives.