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Sue is a busy mother of three young girls and lives with her family and lovely animals in Woodinville (suburb of Seattle, WA.). Sue’s passions for good health, body, mind and soul over flow to local charity runs and triathlons.


I'm Thankful

As parents we all want simple yet highly effective, long lasting and meaningful. The I m Thankful Journal is all this. A tool to facilitate quality communication to last for generations. Very simple to use and highly effective. The routine developed will grow as the person grows and will be taught for generations. The I m Thankful Journal takes you through a series of questions that encourages and to elicit quality conversation vs. yes and no answers. The series of questions can be used any time of day and for any situation. You cannot help but instill and retain the questions. All will benefit, it is a win-win. Teaching the benefit of thankfulness and compassion even in the little things is a priceless value.