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Susan Lane earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Boston University, is a certified Life & Health Coach, served as a Sunday school teacher and youth leader and is a parent and grandparent. She believes everyone has significant value and purpose with a unique light to help illuminate the world. Susan is committed to helping people see how valuable they are, even when they behave in ways that get them into trouble. Our value is who we are, not what we do. Susan has been called to share words of truth with every person, especially the youngest. She hopes to share with you the forever love of The Whisper.


The Whisper That Is Mine

Have you ever listened to what others say about you and allowed it to define your value? We've all fallen into the trap, and it starts when we are young. Children internalize their mistakes and think they are bad or not good enough. How we feel about ourselves and our world shapes our behavior, so it is essential to know we are loved.

The Whisper teaches children that no matter what mistakes they make or if people are mean to them; they are still valued and loved. The quiet voice of God is always there to remind us, young and old alike, that we are special and loved, just as we are.