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My university education in the micro-wave technology and the theory of electromagnetic field distribution as well as the professional involvement in automation and communications gave me the opportunity to be acquainted with disciplines of natural sciences and mathematics. Recent discoveries in the field of physics and biochemistry supported my unshakable understanding in the intelligent design of our universe that contravenes the hypothesis of a spontaneous evolution.


Reaching for the Existence of God

This is an attempt to motivate people of every faith to a mutual respect and understanding in the approach of one and only God. It also endeavors to urge the camp of atheists to an open minded contemplation on the irrefutable facts laid out in the chapters of this publication. Materials of historical events, scientific findings, and Holy Scriptures point to mankind's search and denial of the existence of God. At the same time it directs the attention to possible perils in rejecting God's will imparted by His messengers. The subject is in particular pressing in view of the present time circumstances.