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Theresa James survived a life-altering event, which she shared in her first book, Healing Tears, in hopes of inspiring and helping others through their life struggles. Her journey of healing has been long but one through which she has remained positive. She has since published three children’s books – I Love and Like You!, Ornaments of Love, and Precious Time – honoring the lives of her children: Jarod, Sean, and Brandi, respectively. Born in Southern Indiana, James is a proud veteran of the US Air Force. After living many years in Ohio and later the Chicago area, she returned home to Indiana, where she currently resides with her husband, Todd.

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Shared Courage

As parents, one of our many roles is to be teachers. We must encourage our children when possible to overcome obstacles, find courage and push forward in their lives. Sometimes those obstacles seem gigantic, but confidence and assurance can make all the difference. A heart-warming bonus is when you watch your child share their story of courage with another to help them with their struggle.

Hot Dogs for Every Meal

Everyone gets angry, frustrated and hurt. We tend to respond quickly and irrationally in those moments. It is so important to stop and calm down before reacting. This book shares a funny but irrational story to teach children this lesson.