AUTHOR: Thomas B. Davis

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Thomas grew up in a small town in South Carolina, racing his cousins and sister down the hall or down a flight of stairs on Christmas morning. He even once saw the tracks of Santa’s sleigh in the snow on the roof of his grandparents’ home!

Thomas lives in Charleston, South Carolina, with his three kids, Audrey, Bayon, and Wyatt; a beautiful wife, Melissa; and the tiniest of reindeer, a Shih Tzu named Penny Benjamin. A big fan of origin stories, Thomas has always thought Santa’s other reindeer should be given their due, hence the Reindeer Games series.

Reindeer Games BOOKS

Comet’s Tale

Not every reindeer gets to be on Santa's Sleigh Team because they win the Reindeer Games. Some are invited because they are the best at what they do. Enter Comet—the world's best reindeer at reading and navigating using the night sky. Comet overcomes poor eyesight, focuses on her studies, works hard, and catches the eye of Santa, as well as the hearts of the children of her village.

On, Donner

Ever wonder about the backstory of Santa’s other reindeer? Me too. Finally getting their due, we start with the story of Donner. The dedicated leader of Santa’s sleigh starts out learning what hard work is like while growing up on a farm. Later he uses those leadership skills to not only win the Reindeer Games, but lead Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve.