AUTHOR: Thomas D. Breeden

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Born and raised in south central Ohio, Tom Breeden has written biographical essays, poems and humorous pieces on everyday happenings in his small town for years. He has also written extensively about his experience in the military during the Vietnam war, but he wanted to take a different approach in his writing. Though he is proud to have served his country, he is even prouder of his six children, eight grandchildren, and twelve great grandchildren, and he especially loves to read to them from their favorite books. So, to celebrate the Christmas season and as a gift to his grandchildren and all little ones who are filled with the excitement of receiving gifts at Christmas, Tom created the story about surprises for the forest animals at Christmas time. This story is a lighthearted and imaginative glimpse as to what Christmas would be like for our beloved furry, forest friends. It also reflects the lightheartedness of its author.


A Magical Christmas in the Forest

December is a magical month. It is the end of the year and a month to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We love the Christmas season and its enchanting effect on us. Spirits are joyful; giving is generous; family celebrations abound; and all are rejoicing, especially children. They know that Santa is watching them, and they will be rewarded if they are good. Finally, when they awaken on Christmas morning and see the presents under the tree, they are excited to find the very gifts they wanted all year.

There is also celebrating in the forest. Yes! The animals receive gifts at Christmas and this story shares this little-known tradition practiced by the animals. Every year they received what they wished for from Santa, but one year it all changed. Christmas looked bleak with no chance of getting gifts, or any celebrating at all.