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Tim Yharbrough has a professional history in personal and property protection. As a military veteran, his special skills lead many civilians and law enforcement personnel to believe that he was a secret agent or Navy Seal. He is an advocate for the LGBTQ and mental health communities. As a former volunteer at the Trevor Project in Los Angeles, Yharbrough remains adamant against suicide, especially among the LGBTQ and the disenfranchised. He is also a man of faith, which he reveals helped him navigate through and ultimately conquer the trials that sought to obstruct him from succeeding in life.


Face All Giants:
Even as an Army of One

"Face All Giants" is an anthology, an autobiographical account of the perils Tim Yharbrough has overcome, such as depression, isolation, and death. Suicide and severe accidents should have destroyed his life, but now he shares how he survived it all. He desperately pleads with you to also survive. As an anthology "Face All Giants" reveals the multifaceted Tim, displaying his creative, spiritual, stern, and comedic sides. This includes short stories, poems, and essays.