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The Rev. Dr. Todd A. Biermann first saw the way to great relationships in his parents and learned to understand it through his studies and over twenty-five years of experience as a pastor. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Master of Divinity degree, and a Doctor of Ministry degree. Counseling, international speaking, and writing have helped him hone his insights to a form that is easy for anyone to retain and practice. His ongoing classroom is his own home in Grand Blanc, MI with his beloved wife, Heather, and children, Hannah and Micah. His passion is to hand out life in all he does, especially through Life in God’s Way, LLC. More information about the author and his work may be found at:


Handing Out Life: The Simple Way to Rewarding Relationships in All of Life

Simple. Memorable. Timeless wisdom. The keys to every relationship in life. These distinct features make Handing Out Life a book for anyone, anywhere, at any time. Unlock the mystery to rewarding relationships with God, family, friends, work associates, and even enemies. Remember what you learn with two simple illustrations that are as clear as your hand in front of your face. Be prepared to hand out life.