AUTHOR: Todd W. Hiller

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Todd Hiller is a Connecticut native with a passion for storytelling. After college, he returned to his small hometown, where he now resides with his wife and children. An avid public servant, Todd has dedicated over twenty years of service to his town, most notably in volunteer fire and emergency medical services.


Fire and Ivy Edición Kindle

Amanda is twenty-one when she stumbles out of the strange house, broken and barely alive. With help from an unexpected friend, Amanda begins a tireless journey toward recovery. Each step toward normalcy is laced with uncertainty and the struggle for self-preservation. In a sea of unknowns, only one thing is for certain: someone in her life betrayed her in the most unforgivable way.

The Adventures of Froggy and Little Bear:
A New Friend

One can climb. One can swim. And they're about to discover that together, they can do anything. Join Froggy and Little Bear as they learn the value of a great friendship and the importance of embracing our differences.