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Tricia Marie is the mother of two beautiful children and the oldest of four siblings. She was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. As an adult, Tricia has made it through some very tough times and learned some hard lessons. She had a stillbirth at age twenty-four and made it through his funeral and burial. She got married and divorced at twenty-five and survived a mentally abusive relationship. This was all before she turned thirty. Her big heart and loving personality have made her stronger and have taught her how to love and be loved. She wants to use her words to share her experience with you.


I Love You Even When I Hate You

"I Love You Even When I Hate You" is about emotions that you sometimes can't figure out. Love that is strong, love that seems crazy, love that seems lost, love that is sad, and love that sometimes turns into anger. Poems of real feelings as well as real love, which isn't perfect.