AUTHOR: Valerie Jerome

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With a degree in journalism and extensive marketing experience, Valerie Jerome is also the mother of two curly-haired daughters. Like many other parents, Jerome has cherished the hours caring for her daughters’ hair and teaching them that this process is important, empowering, and fun. Having served as a United States Peace Corps volunteer in the island nation of Dominica, Jerome now lives with her family in Cleveland, Ohio.


Q Goes to Curly Land

Q is self-conscious about her curls. She is shy and wants to hide her curls by wearing her hair in a bun or a ponytail. Her sister, on the other hand, wants her to have fun with her curls and to let them be free. On Q's journey to self-love, she and her sister imagine a place called Curly Land. In Curly Land, the girls have a grand time caring for their curls and building confidence.