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Vincent M. Ward is a creator, writer, producer, host, spokesperson, and actor. He is best known for his role as Oscar on AMC’s top running show The Walking Dead. Ward is mixing it up creating travel shows such as Conventioning, Road Trippin’ with the Wards, and America’s Cooks along with horror movies, comics, and graphic novels such as Devilreaux and The Stepdaddy. He is a grandfather of fourteen and leads by example not only for his family, but the world, by leaving a legacy for all to be proud of and strive for.

My best is yet to come. – Vincent M. Ward


The Stepdaddy: Volume 1

What happens when your entire life has been about family, love, faith, God, and now a man? These are the questions Rochelle must ask when a new man a potential stepdad to her kids comes into their lives. The "step" in front of "daddy" is for you to get to know the person before you allow them to step into your life. Rochelle is second-guessing dating her beau, Paul, based on her mother's apprehensions. Will Mama be right about Paul? Or will Paul prove to be the love of Rochelle's life?