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Yanet Pájaro, the author of this endearing and thoughtful book, was born in Caracas, Venezuela. As a proud mother, she lives to love and serve, and she believes in respectful parenting that lovingly instills values.

Yanet makes her debut as a writer with this book. Its publication proves, according to this new author, that “limitations should not be internalized; the will to succeed and persevere in the U.S are the keys to achieving the American dream.”


Natalia's Closet

"Natalia’s Closet" was created after my daughter, when she was three years old, asked, “How should I dress?” The most practical and educational idea I could think of at the time was to respond by telling her a fun story using illustrations. I wanted her to be able to cut out images and put them together to create her own style. That is how this story, which goes through the history of clothing, came to life. While writing this book, I discovered that, regardless of what the current fashion trends are, when children accompany their parents to choose their own clothes, they are happy…and happy children become confident adults.