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YEHUDIT LEV is the Hebrew name of Jessica Kreimerman Lew, investigative journalist, writer, teacher, inner-journey guide and community organizer. In 1997 she published “La Vida en Rosa, El Príncipe Azul, Mujeres y Amor en México,” (Prince charming and life through rose-colored glasses) a book about women and love in Mexico, based on interviews to 220 women and men and research from more than 100 books.


Keys to Recover your Power

KEYS TO Recover Your Power is result of Yehudit Lev's years of immersion in the world of healing, a synthesis of things learned on the road to self-empowerment.

The wisdom is gathered from many traditions and cultures, from Judaism to the feminine spirituality of the earth including the oriental cultures. The information comes from multiple-source readings, and trainings in body psychotherapy as well as other inner-growth methods.

The vision Keys to Recover Your Power proposes is holistic and inclusive. It is written in feminine language as an invitation to experience how the reader, male and female, receives the feminine voice.

It is ideal for people searching
to become the best version of themselves.

The teachings offered in Keys to Recover Your Power are universal, based on a premise of mutual gain: humanity evolves collectively to the degree that each individual commits to her personal journey of empowerment and evolution.

Claves Para Recuperar tu Poder (Spanish Edition)

DESDE LA PUBLICACIÓN de Vida en Rosa, ha escrito cuatro libros y cientos de columnas a través de internet. Teje una creciente red de sanadores, practicantes espirituales y maestros por el mundo hispanoparlante, quienes colectivamente pavimentamos el camino de acceso a una elevada conciencia por todo el planeta.

Claves Para Recuperar tu Poder es su libro más reciente. Es resultado de veinte años de inmersión en el mundo de la sanación, síntesis de lo aprendido en el camino del empoderamiento personal. Es ideal para personas que buscan evolucionar hacia la major version de sí mismas.

La vision que propone Claves Para Recuperar tu Poder es holística e inclusiva. Está escrita en lenguaje femenino como propuesta para experimentar cómo cada lector, hombre y mujer, recibe la voz femenina.