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Yolanda Coppedge was born and raised in Washington, DC in 1972. She has a 10 year old son, Miguel Coppedge who also became an author at 9 years old. Yolanda holds an Associate’s degree in Child Development from The University of The District of Columbia and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Early Childhood Development from The University of Cincinnati. She taught young children from infants to 5 years old for 20 years. Yolanda is now a ZUMBA and ZUMBA KIDS/KIDS JR. fitness instructor and has her own fitness business called No Obesity Family Fitness, LLC. Her main target is children because there are so many obese young children from the ages 2- 15 years old and she wants to teach families how to eat healthier and get fit together. Yolanda currently teaches fitness year around at daycares, schools, Boys & Girls clubs, YMCA’s, summer camps, aftercares, and churches. She also does all kinds of events for adults and children. Her passion is TEACHING! She loves children and people.


Playing with Oobleck

Playing With Oobleck is a sensory book about two children describing how it feels making and playing with oobleck as they add various objects. "My hands are white." "It's slimy." Playing with Oobleck is a great sensory activity for children and its fun to play with!