10 Benefits of Self-Publishing Your Book


self publsihingYou have written the next Nobel Prize winning novel and now you need to get it in the hands of readers. Do you contact a publishing house like Simon and Schuster or do you go the route of self-publishing?

Good question. As the founder and owner of the largest Christian self-publishing house in the world, Halo Publishing, let me help you find the right answer.

In this two part series, we’ll examine first, the self-publishing route, and then Monday we’ll come back and take a closer look at traditional publishing.

Here, for your review, are 10 benefits of self-publishing your book:

  1. No rejection. That is right. If you self-publish, the odds of you rejecting your own book are pretty slim!
  2. No waiting. Forget the process of submitting your book to one publisher after another, cut out the middle man and start the process today.
  3. Decision making is up to you. You get to decide the cover art, distribution and price. There is no one telling you that the story is good but it would be better from the point of view of the dog.
  4. Royalties are better. Depending on the outlet you use for self-publishing, the royalties you earn are higher than with a traditional publisher.
  5. Payment is monthly. With a traditional publishing house you may only receive payment two times a year. Not so with self-publishing.
  6. Changing your mind is not a problem. If you decide to make changes to the book, the layout, the cover or the price, you can do it.
  7. Distribution channels are according to your plan. When you self-publish your book you get to decide if you want a print version and an e-book. You can determine if your book is at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. No one else decides for you.
  8. Marketing is your idea. Even if you work with a vendor like Halo Publishing who will help with the process, the marketing plan is your plan. You get to decide and implement the marketing tactics that are most comfortable for you and your book.
  9. The shelf life is forever. A traditional publishing house will want to know what you have done for them lately. If your book takes a while to garner favor; you will be out of luck. A self-published book, especially when you add an e-book to the mix, is available forever.
  10. You control costs. As a self-published author, you decide where to invest your money. While I do not recommend skimping on investments like a strong editor, you can manage some of the costs associated with publishing.

Bottom line: You can go the route of traditional publishing but be prepared for the process to take a long time and in the end, you may never bring your book to readers. Or you can look further into the option of self-publishing and see your dreams of being a published author come true…this year