3 Ways to Market a Best-Selling Book”

So, you’ve published your book. Now what? How do you become a “best-selling author”? How do you spread the news about your book to increase sales? How do you make sure the world hears your message?

On today’s episode of The Award-Winning Authors Show, I had the pleasure of interviewing Donald Lloyd Jr., a best-selling author who recently published The Adventures of Monkey and Toad.

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If we haven’t met before, my name is Lisa Umina and I’m the CEO of Halo Publishing International. I’ve become a best-selling author myself, but I wanted to ask Donald about his recent experience of becoming a best-selling author – even in a global pandemic!

There’s nothing worse than publishing a book that nobody reads. After all of your hard work in writing the book, it’s time to switch to marketing the book.

As an author, you have to be committed to the success of your book. You have to put in the on-going effort required to stand out. If you don’t advocate for your own work, who will?

I know that marketing is hard, but you can’t give up now. Business tycoon Vidal Sasson once said, “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” You have to put in the work!

Hard work always pays off. Donald says that his life took a turn that he wasn’t expecting. He went from always working for someone else, to becoming a full-time author.

He spends his days writing and illustrating his own books. Donald’s gotten so good at it that others are now asking for his help to publish their books!

He’s utilizing his natural talents, living a fulfilling career, shaping the minds of children and helping others do the same. He’s currently ranked 3,000 out of more than two million children books on Amazon. Now, Donald is working on his next book and eventually a whole series.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the work to become a best-selling author, then keep on reading.

Here’s 3 ways you can market a best-selling book:

  1. Start networking. In order to market your book to become a best-seller, you should reach out to other best-selling authors. Build your network in the industry and find people who have achieved the results you want. Email them and ask if they have any tips for a new author. Use social media to find other authors and author groups on Facebook and Instagram. The author community is very supportive in helping each other because the ultimate goal is to help our readers, not just ourselves. 
  2. Get on interviews. While you’re networking, you will come across those who have podcasts. You may be asked to be a guest on the podcast to share value with their audience, or you can even pitch yourself on their show. Think about your local community. Where can you host events or Zoom interviews? Reach out to schools, universities, clubs, etc. Where do your readers spend their time? Be there!
  3. Find book bloggers. Take your book on a blog tour. While you’re researching, create a list of relevant book bloggers for your book. Reach out and ask if they are open to blogging about your book. Donald says that for every 200 book bloggers, you’re lucky to get a dozen responses. Be thankful because they are doing you a favor!

These tactics will yield productive results, but the most important element in marketing your book is to believe in yourself. Believe in your message, believe in your book and believe in the ways it will change lives. The author adventure will take you to places you haven’t even thought about yet, and it’s well worth all of the effort.

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Start writing your legacy and become a best-selling author!