A Universal Message of Kindness in the Debut Children’s Story “The Christmas Tree Nobody Wanted”


In a time where news tends to vacillate between political division and natural disasters comes a sweet, children’s story that transcends season, age and ethnicity. First time children’s author Jerry Rosenstein brings to life a message of kindness, creativity and generosity with his story of Jeffrey and his father. Although Jeffrey excitedly awaits the wonders of Christmas, he is also aware of those less fortunate and thus begins his tale of giving.

“I wanted to create a story that helped parents talk with their children about the benefits of giving to those less fortunate,” said author Jerry Rosenstein. “It starts with a real experience I had with my children in which we wondered what happened to the left over trees that have been cut down for Christmas. Like the character Jeffrey, we wondered what would happen if we spruced those trees up to give to someone who otherwise might not have a decorated tree for the holidays.”

That simple act is the foundation of the powerful message Rosenstein hopes parents impart on their children. Everyone deserves to have a sense of peace; a sense of trust in the fact that they know where their next meal will come from and that they’ll have a roof over their heads. For those who are less fortunate, we can come together and make a difference. Every little action of kindness can have a powerful and life altering impact.

“The Christmas Tree Nobody Wanted” will inspire children to ask the question – ‘what can I do to help’ and hopefully will create a parent/child bonding time like Jeffrey has with his father as they work together to fix and deliver the Christmas tree.

“I am hoping to spark an interest in what it means to give rather than receive,” said Rosenstein. “Perhaps parents will find ways to instill a sense of generosity in their children; taking them to the food bank to deliver food, perhaps going through their own toys and donate those gently used and yes, find a Christmas Tree nobody wants to decorate and give to someone less fortunate.”

“The message of kindness and giving is so important today,” said Lisa Umina, founder and president of Halo Publishing International. “This story is one that I hope parents will read to their children long after the holiday season is over for the needs will continue. Creating a lifetime habit of giving is a gift that we should all impart on our children.”

The author, who has a child with multiple myeloma, plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to one of the cancer-oriented hospitals in the Los Angeles area. Additionally, if a non-profit organization is interested in using “The Christmas Tree Nobody Wanted” for fund raising, contact Jerry Rosenstein directly for more information on potential opportunities. jrosenstein@pioneermagnetics.com

 “The Christmas Tree Nobody Wanted” is now available at Halo Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in hardcover for $19.95 paperback for $12.95 and as an e-book $6.95.


About Jerry Rosenstein

Jerry’s passion and creativity stem from years of traveling the globe. His travels provided inspiration for short stories, a play, a travel blog and several recorded songs. His poems as well as technical and non-technical articles have been published. Jerry’s next projects are a series for children’s books and television. With a specialization in Asian Studies and Adult Education, Jerry has lectured at several universities. His full time occupation is President and COO of a high-tech company.