April Allen Equips Parents and Children to Fight Bullying and Embrace Diversity

“When it comes to difficult conversations about bullying and race—parents often don’t have the tools to talk to their children about it.”


April Allen has devoted her career to helping parents navigate these difficult conversations and empowering children to be confident in their own skin. But, the professor and best-selling children’s author points out that especially in today’s political climate when so many adults have forgotten the “golden rule,” it becomes especially difficult to teach children how to treat others with respect and kindness.


Allen has tackled these issues from different angles, both in her work as a professor where she lectures on culture and diversity, as well as a media personality on the local ABC affiliate channel, KATU, where she speaks to parents about how they can celebrate and appreciate other cultures.


Parents need to reject the idea that “we don’t see color,” Allen explains. “Of course we see color, but we need to reframe the dialogue so that it is about celebrating difference, not denying that it exists.”


Allen’s work is often inspired by her two young daughters. As a mother, Allen was shocked to see how early bullying began in the school system. Bullying—aggressive physical and verbal behavior—starts as early as kindergarten, Allen observed.


She was determined to make a change, so she penned her second’s children book “It’s Nice To Be Nice.” The book is the second in a series of books that follow protagonist Liberty Belle (Libby, for short), inspired by Allen’s eldest daughter.


“Allen has been so successful as an author because she truly understands these issues inside and out,” comments Publisher Lisa M. Umina. “She breaks it down and presents today’s most important topics in a story that children can really relate to. Libby is a spunky and fun heroine. Children love reading about her, and they learn valuable life lessons from her in the process.”


For more information about April Allen visit www.halopublishing.com. “It’s Nice To Be Nice” is now available at Halo Publishing International, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Books a Million.