Are You Getting the Most out of Your Amazon Author Page?


book review 2Have you already self-published a book, or two or twelve? In that case, you are most likely selling those books on Amazon. Did you know that you have the ability to edit and build up your Author page?

Visit Amazon Author Central today and create a visual landing page featuring:





…on the largest retail website in the world!!!

Can you hear the violin music swell?  The cymbals crash?  World Wide Exposure!

Visit your Author page and add the following:

  • A biography that reviews information about you as a writer.
  • Pictures of you – your author photo, pictures of you at book signing events.
  • Videos of you talking about your book, being interviewed about your book, and videos of you at a book signing event.
  • Connect your blog so that readers can follow your updated articles.
  • Your Twitter feed can be added.
  • Links to events that you have posted on line.
  • Listing of your books available for sale.

The more completely you fill out your author page, the more readers will know. The same goes for Barnes and Noble, iTunes and other sites that sell your books. Take advantage of the opportunity to complete information about review

As a reader, your audience wants to connect with you and the more information you provide, the easier it is for them to gain an understanding of who you are as an author.

Additionally, readers will respond to customer reviews, the ability to look inside and the excitement of reading books that are part of a series.

book review 3Visit each page for your books on Amazon and add more information about your book.

When you initially upload your book to Amazon, the form asks for a product description. However, once your book is on the site, you can add information such as:

  • A message from the author
  • Information from the inside flap
  • Information from the back cover

Take the time to complete as much information as possible for each of the books you are selling. The more information a reader has to review, the more likely they will be to make a purchase.

Start a Discussion

Author Central on Amazon allows you to start a discussion with readers. Ask open ended questions and see what kind of response you receive.

For example, if you have written a book that helps children understand the pain of bullying and how to ask for help, you might start a discussion asking parents to share tips and techniques they have used to help their children through a similar situation.

If you have written a romantic comedy, ask your readers what part of the story was their favorite. You might even offer up ideas for sequels and see what the feedback is.

Janet Evanovich, famous fiction author who birthed the wonderful female character Stephanie Plum, began asking her readers to help her name the subsequent books in the series.

Seeking out thoughts, ideas and suggestions from your readers helps to solidify the relationship.

Spread the Wealth

Another way you can participate actively on your Amazon page is by reviewing books written by others in your same genre.

Each book review you write is catalogued by Amazon and is available for others to read. Readers can even vote on how helpful your review is to their buying decision.

Make sure you are constructive and kind with your words. Offer specific comments; rather than “I liked the book,” offer more concrete information; “I liked the book because…”

Take the time to proof read your review. If you have decided to write a review that is less than favorable, consider waiting a day before posting. Rereading your review after a good night sleep may cause you to soften your comments.

Remember, what you write on the web, stays on the web.

Bottom Line: Amazon may take a huge chunk of the profits authors receive but you can’t deny the fact that hundreds of millions of readers use the site every day to peruse, research and purchase. Therefore, make the most of your presence on the site by completely filling out your Author page.